Why have we, as the Paint Coat Consulting company, decided to distribute only one manufacturer which is the Lankwitzer Premium Coatings? There are two reasons for this.

Besides a dozen or so years of earlier cooperation at different positions and a belief that this company creates paints with precision and passion, there is something more — a family and a tradition. Because only thanks to balance between a business and close people who establish an enterprise, a solid foundation, in a wide meaning of economic activity, arises. The Lankwitzer company is a family-owned business, which, as till now, wants to keep being an independent entity, the aim of which is a sustainable success.

The most modern technology

Lankwitzer Lackfabrik GmbH with its residence in Berlin is a leading international supplier of high quality systems of coats with a rich product portfolio. The manufacturer is known for technologically advanced solutions developed correspondingly to individual demands of receivers as well as for an excellent reputation concerning well qualified staff, who professionally instigate intense actions in the field of research and development. On the market, there is a wide range of paints and varnish suited to high expectations in many branches of industry.

Many years of tradition

The roots of the company reach back to 1952 when Norbert and Mina Rokeach established a business in Berlin — Linckwitz. In 1974, Dr. Leo Rokeach followed in his father’s footsteps and just under his leadership the company developed in the country and abroad. In 1978, export to the Soviet Union began. In the 1990s Lankwitzer Lackabrik concentrated mostly on the Eastern Europe and created sales coverage, among others, in Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Over the next years, the company enriched by a branch in China (2002), a factory unit in Beijing (2010) and then in Sao Paulo, Brazil (2011).

An international producer

At the moment, there are three locations in Germany: Berlin (the headquarters), Osterwieck (a factory) and Leipzig (a factory), whereas the international representatives are situated in countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Brazil and China. Further internationalization is of the highest priority. The export activity orients on different markets through innovative products which are most of all health- and environment-friendly. A good example of this is recently introduced varnish EvoKure®.

The customer is the most important

Care of client’s good is for the Lankwitzer company another priority of the highest importance. The evidence of a success in this area are long-term and partner relationships with many big clients. Global players such as DaimlerChrysler, Audi, VW, Opel, Reanult, Bosch, BBS, Ronal, Uniwheel and Deutsche Balm have already appreciated technological solutions and a business philosophy of this company.

Owner of Lankwitzer Premium Coatings
Dr. Leo Rokeach

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